Iran carpet export issues that should be considered

برپايي نمايشگاه «تاريخچه فرش در حرم مطهر رضوي» در موزه آستان قدس رضوي
Exhibition “Carpets in the history of the shrine Razavi”
July 24, 2016
The book “decorated with tribal carpets, Makeup and” released
July 24, 2016

Iran carpet export issues that should be considered


For some time now the news is heard from the beginning again Iran’s carpet export to the United States. But the analysis of this issue, several issues must be mentioned.

The first issue in this context is that carpet exports with exports of other products and artifacts is very different. When exported food, the man who closes deal to buy these products, be sure to measure conditions in the destination country and the consumer country knows it. So buy him and export it means buy the product in the country of final destination. Thus, the final product sold and exported glitch sold.

The same happens in the automotive market. Auto definite issued will be issued. Until now this is not the typical 100 vehicles to be bought from country to country and go to be kept in stock, then sold. That’s handmade carpet exports.

In the past, people were Jzyyfrvsh carpet. Came to Iran and bought carpet. They knew the purchase of 100% hand-woven carpets in Iran can sell about 50 percent. Sold the remaining time. In addition, some major buyers of Iranian handmade carpets. They have warehouses in the countries of destination. These hand-woven carpets from our warehouses in the country of purchase and hold.

At this stage, in fact, only hand-woven carpets in the country have gone from warehouse to warehouse. Thus, as long as it has not happened yet to sell its slabs in stock. For this reason, the carpet, returned to occur frequently because the country that is bought, failed to sell and carpets returns. So, when it comes carpets, and only after certain sales from warehouse to warehouse is gone.

Therefore, we must wait and see whether these purchases will be continued or not it is still too early to judge. The perspective of someone who has already bought, a few months later, again, back to buy a new one is. If the buyer has returned, the Iranian carpet exports has been launched.

However, five years that the US could not sell carpet but now I can. So I think we have a definitive answer for Iran’s carpet exports to the United States, and it remains there.

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