World leading researcher and carpets: Carpets Kashan world famous

The book “decorated with tribal carpets, Makeup and” released
July 24, 2016
Kashan carpet care!
July 24, 2016

World leading researcher and carpets: Carpets Kashan world famous



The leading European researcher living in America, plan and role of Iranian handmade carpet is very interesting and added: Design of carpets and carpet design of geometric shapes Vmrb 15 th century and used it again.

Nyzgraysh Real designs have found the beginning of this process can be considered in addition to the Drtslt Timurid Herat was Azshyraz.
President of the Association of Iranian carpet Hnraslamy Group managers and research art history, University of Kashan rugs are also at the meeting and added that according to evidence dating Kashan rugs can be attributed to the period of Sialk civilization.

He said the Ilkhan also Vfrsh brocade there, according to Italian Marco Polo and the Timurid period Nyzkashan the carpet Vdstbaftha, the cradle of art.

Chitsazian doctor stating that the major silk carpets of the Safavid period Kashan said that during one of the periods of Kashan carpet art is flourishing.


Doctor Chitsazian, knowledge management necessary Carpet and added different dimensions carpet must spinning, dyeing and weaving design to economics and history and culture for posterity in the form of knowledge management and retention is recognized and recorded.

The meeting welcomed by Chief of Department at the University of Mr. Qashqai carpet was Fraghaz presence of the President of the Chamber of Commerce representatives National Carpet Center Aayran the mining industry and business administration departments of Kashan in Isfahan province Vrvsa’ till noon, and faculty and students of Kashan carpets Comments and offered his views on the carpet.

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